Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gojira-All The Tears

Ok, the first song I'm going to post is the incredible, Gojira.

Im guessing the majority of you guys have come across them...they are widely regarded as one of the best heavy bands on the planet right now!If you haven't make sure you check them out now.Seriously, you need this band in your life.

The French environmental metallers already have 2 classic albums under their wing, "From Mars to Sirius" and "The Way of All Flesh", which perfectly demonstrate the bands skill and creativity.

In my opionion, Gojira are at their best when they slow things down, as seen here in "All The Tears", taken from "The Way of All Flesh"Well, the song isnt exactly crawling along at a snails pace, with the drums blasting for good portions of the song. However the songs main, jackhammer riff is as powerful as i've heard and the spiralling riffs throughout help the reader almost feel as if they are on the journey being described in the lyrics and amaingly illustrated in the video (which features art and is directed by spanish artist Jossie Malis).


Here we go...

Ok, heres the deal;

Everyday im going to post one song (due to time constraints) which I think all metal fans will enjoy and hopefully it encourages people to check out some new bands.

Im going to try and cover old and new band and as many genres as possible...death,black,thrash,deathcore,metalcore,viking,pirate...whateverican get my grubby hands on!

Ideally, these songs should have you acting like the dude in the video below.

please mail me about stuff i should add, bands, funny clips, etc.